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Visual C++ 6.0 Training Videos on CD

If you are new to Microsoft Visual C++ or have some experience but want to gain mastery of this powerful development tool, then this course is for you. You will learn how to create simple and advanced programs using the simple, step-by-step, easy to understand lessons in this course. Learn to program dialog boxes, object oriented interface, mapping modes, using support macros and more.

Please note that the training may refer to sample files that are no longer available. Students are advised to use the material provided in the training as the actual samples.

Visual C++ 6.0 Sample Clip

Visual C++ Sample Clips

Sample #1 - “Visual C++ Overview” (3:56 min)
Sample #2 - “Basic MFC Application” (7:07 min)

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Visual C++ 6.0 Clearance

TrainerVisual C++ 6.0 Trainer:
Dr. Hany Greiss has over six years experience as a Senior Technical Instructor in Oracle, UNIX, C++, Windows, Java, Tel and SQL for PEAC Inc. Dr. Greiss has 16 years of extensive knowledge as a software developer, senior analyst and consultant. His specialties include client/server systems, real-time systems and object oriented analysis and design.

Course Outline - Visual C++ 6.0 Training:

Level 1 Video (1 hr 46 min)

1.0 Introduction to C++ 6 (54 min)
1.1 Overview
1.2 Building a Simple Project
1.3 Creating a Win32 Console Application
1.4 Creating Header Files
2.0 Major Components (16 min)
2.1 Build Process
2.2 Resources
2.3 Visual C++ Compiler
2.4 Linker
2.5 Source Code Editor
2.6 Visual C++ Debugger
3.0 Object Oriented Interfaces (34 min)
3.1 Message Handling
3.2 Basic MFC Application

Level 2 Video (1 hr 55 min)

1.0 Adding Message Handlers (1 hr 53 min)
1.1 Overview
1.2 Using Support Macros
1.3 Analyzing Events
1.4 Using the Class Wizard
1.5 Applying Drawing Logic
1.6 Using the Power of the View Model
1.7 Mapping Modes
1.8 Creating a Message Handler Using the Class Wizard
1.9 Summary of Mapping Modes
1.10 Summary of KeyPoints

Level 3 Video (1 hr 54 min)

1.0 Dialogs (1 hr 52 min)
1.1 Steps in Using
1.2 Using the Control Toolbar to Create a Dialog
1.3 Using the Class Wizard
1.4 Dialog Execution Sequence
1.5 Hooking the Info to a Real Program Structure
1.6 Looking at Changes to Start Building Data for the Application
1.7 Miscellaneous Dialog Features
1.8 More Advanced Dialog Controls
1.9 Common Dialogs

Level 4 Video (1 hr 51 min)

1.0 Modeless Dialogs (54 min)
1.1 Creating a Modeless Dialog
1.2 Extracting Information from a Dialog
1.3 Adding a Menu
1.4 Adding a Toolbar
1.5 Keeping the User Interface in Synch
2.0 Single Document Interface (56 min)
2.1 Overview
2.2 Building a Single Document Interface
2.3 Collection Classes
2.4 Modifying the Destructor of the Document Object

Level 5 Video (1 hr 55 min)

1.0 More SDI (1 hr 54 min)
1.1 Lists Boxes
1.2 Serialization
1.3 Cleaning up the View
1.4 Multiple Views
1.5 Init Instance Function
1.6 Changing Views
1.7 Modifying View Specifications
1.8 Creating a Splitter Window
1.9 Altering the Split Arrangement
1.10 Understanding the Editor
1.11 Applications Based on the RichEditView

Level 6 Video (1 hr 54 min)

1.0 Using MFC (1 hr)
1.1 Multiple Document Interfaces
1.2 Adapting SDI's to MDI's
1.3 Manipulating the Interface
1.4 Introducing Views
2.0 ActiveX (53 min)
2.1 The Calendar Control
2.2 The Web Browser Control
2.3 Building & Using an ActiveX Component
2.4 Building Property Pages

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