Project 2007 Training

Microsoft Project 2007 Training Videos on CD or DVD

Project 2007 Training Course

Approx. 6 hours of Project training on CD or DVD

Unleash the power of Microsoft Project 2007 with three levels of video rich Project training. Learn how manage projects more efficiently and effectively using the robust project management tools included with Project 2007. When it comes to managing independent projects or collaborating project objectives, Microsoft Project is the tool of choice.

At the end of this course, you will learn how to use Project 2007 to manage multiple projects, generate detailed reports, manage resources, handle resource conflicts, manage tasks and much more.

Project 2007 Training Series

Part#: mk-proj07 | Contents: Set of 3 CD-ROMs or 3 DVDs


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CD-ROM based trainingMultimedia CD-ROM & DVD Based Training:
With CD & DVD based training, the lectures were video taped and then digitized and are presented to you in Full Motion Video, Audio, & Graphics. DVD-ROMs will run only on a computer DVD Drive and will not run on a TV DVD Player. DVD-Video will run on both a computer DVD Drive and a TV DVD Player.

System Requirements: 400 MHz Processor (minimum), CD-ROM Drive (for CDs), DVD Drive (for DVD-ROMs & DVD-Videos) or TV DVD Player (for DVD-Videos), 64 MB RAM, Sound Card. Available Hard Disk Space 200 MB. Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Apple Mac.

Course Outline - Microsoft Project 2007 Training:

Approx. 6 hrs. of training


1.0 Reviewing the Workspace
1.1 Overview of the Commands
1.2 Browsing the Formatting Toolbar
1.3 Reviewing the Standard Toolbar
1.4 Enabling the Project Guide
Lab 1

2.0 Getting Started
2.1 Determining the Elements of a Project
2.2 Creating a Blank Project
2.3 Setting a Start Date
2.4 Inputting Project Tasks
2.5 Saving a Project

3.0 Adding Project Details
3.1 Organizing Tasks
3.2 Scheduling Tasks
3.3 Specifying People (Resources)
3.4 Re-saving the Project
Lab 2

4.0 Editing Text
4.1 Checking Spelling
4.2 Adding a Detailed Style
4.3 Changing the Font Attributes
4.4 Using Cut, Copy, and Paste
Lab 3

5.0 Editing Tasks
5.1 Editing the Duration of a Task
5.2 Inserting a Task
5.3 Removing a Task
5.4 Making a Task Recurring

6.0 Reviewing the Project
6.1 Creating a Calendar
6.2 Changing the Calendar View
6.3 Using Zoom
6.4 Viewing the Gantt Chart
6.5 Using Print Preview

7.0 Reporting
7.1 Enabling the View Bar
7.2 Displaying a Resource Graph
7.3 Displaying a Budget Cost Visual Report
7.4 Displaying a Project Summary Report
7.5 Printing the Project Summary Report
Lab 4


1.0 Managing Multiple Projects
1.1 Opening an Existing Project
1.2 Splitting the Project View
1.3 Creating an Additional Project
1.4 Arranging Two Projects within a Window
Lab 1

2.0 Formatting Page Layout
2.1 Formatting Page Layout
2.2 Creating a Page Header
2.3 Creating Page Footer
Lab 2

3.0 Saving Files
3.1 Enabling Auto-Save
3.2 Saving a File in Another Format
3.3 Editing Save Options
3.4 Providing File Properties for a Project

4.0 Using Templates
4.1 Opening a Template
4.2 Creating a Template from an Existing Project
4.3 Previewing a Template

5.0 Managing Data
5.1 Enabling Auto-Filter
5.2 Filtering Data
5.3 Sorting Data
Lab 3

6.0 Managing Resources
6.1 Allocating Working Time for a Resource
6.2 Editing a Resource Calendar
6.3 Providing a Task with a Specific Resource
6.4 Deleting a Resource

7.0 Setting Project Parameters
7.1 Setting a Deadline for a Project
7.2 Establishing a Constrain for a Task
7.3 Creating a Baseline
7.4 Viewing the Baseline
7.5 Creating an Interim Plan
7.6 Viewing the Interim Plan
Lab 4
Lab 5

8.0 Resource Conflicts & Leveling
8.1 Identifying Resource Conflicts
8.2 Reassigning Resources
8.3 Leveling Calculations
8.4 Establishing Leveling Range

9.0 Reporting
9.1 Generating Reports from the Project Guide
9.2 Displaying a "What Does What When" Display Report
9.3 Displaying a Task Status Visual Report
9.4 Printing the Task Status Visual Report


1.0 Managing Resources
1.1 Using the Resource Information Dialog Box
1.2 Using the Project Guide Task Pane
1.3 Grouping Resources
1.4 Managing Resources with the Task Usage

2.0 Tracking Resources
2.1 Utilizing the Resource Graph View
2.2 Using the Resource Graph View
2.3 Using the Resource Usage View
2.4 Scheduling Overtime for Resources

3.0 Managing Tasks
3.1 Updating Calculation Settings
3.2 Organizing a Task by Phase
3.3 Using the Task Views
3.4 Creating Task Calendars

4.0 Linking Tasks
4.1 Linking Tasks within a Project
4.2 Linking Tasks in Two Projects
4.3 Unlinking Two Tasks

5.0 Editing Tasks
5.1 Editing Start and Finish Dates
5.2 Editing the Work Remaining for a Task
5.3 Editing the Duration of a Task
5.4 Completing a Task

6.0 Reporting
6.1 Using the View Bar to Generate Reports
6.2 Customizing an Existing Project
6.3 Using the Reports Dialog Box
6.4 Creating a Report Template
6.5 Creating a Report from the Project Guide

7.0 Customizing the Workspace
7.1 Adding Toolbars
7.2 Hiding Toolbars
7.3 Customizing Toolbars
7.4 Adding Menus

8.0 Closing a Project
8.1 Using the Drawing Toolbar
8.2 Tracking Overdue Tasks
8.3 Tracking Completed Tasks
8.4 Updating the Project

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Product Details
  • Part#: mk-proj07
  • Contents: Set of 3 CD-ROMs or 3 DVDs
  • Economy Shipping: Allow 4-7 business days for delivery*
Payment Options
  • Order securely online or call 1-888-797-4040 (301-589-3349)
  • All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover)
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  • *No tax except for Maryland (USA) residents.

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