Outlook 2002 XP Training

Microsoft Outlook 2002 XP Training Videos on CD

Outlook 2002 XP Training Course

Hosted by Rick James
Approx. 6 hours of Outlook training on CD

After completing this Outlook XP training course, you will understand the fundamentals of using Outlook XP to coordinate mail, appointments, events, meetings, tasks, and contacts. Join renowned training expert Rick James and learn how to sort, filter, and group items; use and create Outlook XP templates and forms; and share information by using public folders and Net Folders. You will also learn how to share and fax contacts, automatically record activity in the Journal, and customize the Outlook XP environment.

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Outlook 2002 XP Training Series

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CD-ROM based trainingMultimedia CD-ROM Based Training:
With CD based training, the lectures were video taped and then digitized and presented to you in Full Motion Video, Audio, & Graphics.

System Requirements: 400 MHz Processor (minimum), CD-ROM Drive, 64 MB RAM, Sound Card. Available Hard Disk Space 200 MB. Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, or Windows XP.
NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows XP 64-Bit Edition, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

Outlook 2002 XP Trainer: Rick James
Rick has worked in the computer industry since 1985, he began his career as a computer science major working for the former WordPerfect Corporation. His interests later turned from software development to business and marketing within the computer industry. In 1995, Rick James founded Brainstorm Inc., a training organization that has trained over 250,000 individuals within both large and small businesses. Today he is President of Brainstorm. Our goal it to provide good technical training in laymen's terms. We present complex concepts in ways that all employees can understand.

Course Outline - Outlook 2002 XP Training:

Approx 1.5 to 2 hours training per CD


1.0 Introducing Outlook 
1.1 Starting Outlook 
1.2 Discovering Outlook Components & Identifying Main Wi 
2.0 Exploring Outlook 
2.1 Using the Outlook Bar 
2.2 Using the Folder List Box 
2.3 Using a Toolbar 
2.4 Viewing Outlook Today 
3.0 Reading & Sending Mail 
3.1 Displaying Mail Icons 
3.2 Attachments 
3.3 Creating & Sending a New Mail Message 
3.4 Adding an Attachment to a Message 
3.5 Formatting a Message 
3.6 Saving a Message in the Drafts Folder 
4.0 Replying to & Forwarding Messages 
4.1 Forwarding a Message 
4.2 Forwarding Responses Automatically 
4.3 Additional Message Options 
5.0 Using Address Books 
5.1 Adding & Editing a Contact 
5.2 Adding an Address from a Message 
5.3 Sending a Message from the Address Book 
5.4 Creating & Using Distribution Lists 
5.5 Exporting Addresses 
5.6 Importing an Address Book 
5.7 Displaying Contacts in Various Views 
6.0 Printing in Outlook 
6.1 Printing Items in Outlook 
6.2 Print Options 
7.0 Deleting in Outlook 
7.1 Deleting Items 
7.2 Emptying Deleted Items


1.0 Using the Calendar 
1.1 Creating an Appointment 
1.2 Creating a Recurring Appointment 
1.3 Editing an Appointment 
1.4 Setting Appointment Reminder Options 
1.5 Responding to a Reminder 
2.0 Changing Calendar View & Display Options 
2.1 Switching Between View Options 
2.2 Additional Display Settings 
3.0 Planning Meetings & Appointments 
3.1 Creating & Sending a Meeting Request 
3.2 Responding to a Meeting Request 
3.3 Finding an Appointment 
3.4 Setting up Your Work Schedule 
4.0 Creating & Responding to Tasks 
4.1 Creating a Task 
4.2 Creating a Recurring Task 
4.3 Creating a Task Request 
4.4 Responding to a Task Request 
4.5 Scheduling Time for a Task 
4.6 Setting Tasks Default Options 
5.0 Journal Entries 
5.1 Creating a Journal Entry 
5.2 Creating Automatic Journal Entries 
5.3 Editing a Journal Entry 
5.4 Journal Entry Views 
6.0 Using Notes 
6.1 Creating & Using Notes 
6.2 Editing, Sorting, & Viewing Notes 
7.0 Organizing, Recalling, & Resending Messages 
7.1 Creating Folders 
7.2 Moving a Message to Another Folder 
7.3 Automating Your Mailbox 
7.4 Recalling a Message 
8.0 Customizing Toolbars 
8.1 Di8splaying Toolbars 
8.2 Customizing Toolbars 
8.3 Creating a New Toolbar Button


1.0 Advanced Mail Message Options 
1.1 Automatic Spell Checking 
1.2 Creating a Signature in Outlook 
1.3 Setting the Default Message 
1.4 Setting the Default Stationary 
2.0 Filtering, Finding & Flagging 
2.1 Filtering Unwanted Messages 
2.2 Finding Mail Messages 
2.3 Flagging Messages 
2.4 Flagging a Message from a Particular Sender 
2.5 Completing & Clearing a Flag 
3.0 Advanced Contact Options 
3.1 Finding Contact Information from an E-mail 
3.2 Contact-Related Activities 
4.0 Archiving Outlook Data 
4.1 Running the Manual Archive 
4.2 Retrieving Archived Items 
4.3 Enabling & Disabling AutoArchive 
4.4 Setting Archive Properties for Items 
5.0 Public Folders 
5.1 Creating a Public Folder 
5.2 Public Folder Permissions 
5.3 Public Folder Conversations 
5.4 Posting Documents to Public Folder 
6.0 Multiple E-Mail Accounts 
6.1 Creating Multiple E-mail Accounts 
6.2 Sending Mail from Multiple Accounts 
7.0 Speech Input 
7.1 Setting Up Voice Recognition 
7.2 Voice Commands 
7.3 Dictation 
8.0 Mailbox Cleanup 
8.1 Mailbox Cleanup Feature

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Reg. price: $149.00
Sale price: $29.00


Product Details
  • Part#: sk-oloxp
  • Contents: Set of 3 CDs
  • Economy Shipping: Allow 4-7 business days for delivery*
Payment Options
  • Order securely online or call 1-888-797-4040 (301-589-3349)
  • All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover)
  • PayPal: Pay online quickly with your PayPal account
  • Company PO's accepted (Net 30); Call for multi-user license
  • *No tax except for Maryland (USA) residents.

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