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This online training curriculum includes comprehensive learning tools for both the beginner and experienced information technology (IT) professional. Quickly learn the basic skills you need to setup and administer a corporate network for both Windows Server 2008 and 2012. It also covers the prerequisites and knowledge for the MCITP Enterprise Certification.

Practice what you learn in a hands-on lab environment that simulates an actual office workplace. Apply your new skills on the job or at the interview.

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Real-World IT Job Skills

Enhance your Career as a Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP). The MCITP is Microsoft's IT certification for those wanting to establish themselves as a professional in the computer networking field in the position of a systems administrator or network engineer working with Microsoft's server technologies. Your job will involve network design, configuration, management, security, and much more.

Lower Your Training Cost!

For less than half the cost of tuition for a semester at a community college, this training program equips the student with the necessary skills to perform information technology (IT) tasks in corporations using corporate servers and network equipments.

Work on $30,000 Network

Many certification training programs present the students with videos and no cost-effective way to gain hands-on experience. Our course uses a $30,000 network of computers, servers, and network devices all in an open-simulated environment.

Study at Office or Home

This training program includes detailed courseware, instructor-led video lectures, demonstrations, hands-on labs, and practice exams, and are used in schools, colleges, corporations, and governments to train students and employees for IT skills.

Over 90% Success Rate

Upon completion, evaluate your skills by scheduling our free exclusive performance based exam (only $39 to repeat the exam). Optionally, you may be interested in taking the fee based industry certification exam with our success rate of over 90%.


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Learn why these training solutions are being used by 1000s of Schools and Companies.

This MCITP training course will provide you with the skills needed to succeed in the workplace

Video Training

You are going to love the fact that you feel like you’re in a classroom with your instructor at the whiteboard. Your instructor will cover everything you need to know to pass your certification exam. His personable approach of using analogies and humor will simplify the subject matter, and help you grasp the concepts. You will also enjoy the format of the videos, which lets you rewind and fast forward so you can review difficult concepts as many times as you like, allowing you to learn and retain much more.

Video Training Resources:

Video Instruction: A certified instructor introduces every learning module and previews the topics that are covered. Rather than relying on written introductions, click on the video presentations for an interesting summary of the concepts you will be learning from an instructor that really knows the material.
Animations: Animations & illustrative graphics combine to explain complex topics and tasks. Concepts that are not easily explained, are clearly presented using multimedia elements. Everyone has their own learning style, and by using a variety of multimedia learning exercises, LabSim helps you learn in the way you are most comfortable.
Fact Sheets: These facts sheets present useful tables and supplemental information to help you review key concepts and to round off the topics covered in the section.
Instructional Graphics: A picture can speak a thousand words. Difficult concepts are presented in animated or graphical form.
Dictionary: Not familiar with a technical term you find in the course? You have instant access to hundreds of technical terms & definitions, all in a searchable database with the technical dictionary. There are hundreds of new terms associated with information technology, and the LabSim dictionary helps you learn their meanings in a quick and efficient manner.
Bookmarks: Need to exit your training for a while? You can quickly reference areas of study you wish to revisit at a later time using bookmarks. If there is a particular topic that you need to pay special attention to, simply use the bookmark feature so you can spend the time you need to master the concept.
Notepad: Record notes or questions for later reference with the useful notepad feature. If you need to remind yourself of something while studying, click on the notepad and type your thoughts without ever having to lift a pencil.

Lab Exercises

The hands-on labs are the heart and soul of this training. You will build real-world job skills, validate acquired knowledge, and gain experience. The labs give you the equivalent of 2 years of technical experience in performing tasks such as installation, configuration, diagnosing, administration, and troubleshooting. These broadly-functional simulations also let you make mistakes and try several methods to get the correct outcome. These are the lessons only experience can teach.

Lab Exercise Resources:

Demonstrations: Demonstrations are video-based instructions that are designed to teach students how to perform certain tasks. Watch and listen as the instructor demonstrates and explains complex configuration techniques. Demonstrations are powerful instructional tools when combined with open simulations.
Real-world Scenarios: These scenarios require you to think through a difficult problem. They are designed to improve troubleshooting skills.
Intelligent Simulations: Open simulations are critical to the learning process. They model a real system and let students perform the same tasks they would perform on the real system. Open simulations let students explore alternate solutions for completing a task, and view the consequences of specific actions. Students learn through trial and error instead of being guided through specific steps.
Detailed Reporting: While you are attempting to perform the assigned tasks our simulations are watching what you do. Once you click the done button, a report is generated which identifies which of the critical tasks you completed and which you did not.
Explanation and Expert Steps: If you need additional help accomplishing the tasks our expert steps can help. These explanations walk you through steps to accomplish the task - based on the advice of our technical experts.

Practice Exams

These practice exams will measure and validate your skills, knowledge, and experience. They let you:

  • Measure your knowledge and experience
  • Identify areas that you need to improve with links to course content
  • Get detailed feedback for each question
  • Compare your scores to other users around the world
  • View robust score reports

Practice Exam Resources:

Test Preparation Advice: Preparing for an expensive certification test should not be taken lightly. That is why we have compiled the advice of our experts to help you pass the test the first time! These include Exam Objectives, Exam FAQs, How to Register for an Exam, and Exam-taking Hints and Tips.
Review Questions: Organized by certification objective, take advantage of hundreds of questions similar to those that you will have to answer on the real exam. Each question includes a full explanation with exam objective reference(s).
Typical Exams: Designed to similate the actual certification exam in format, content, objective weighting and time. The practice test help you understand when you are ready to take the real certification exam with feedback for each question and full explanations.
Detailed Reporting: Simulates the Vendor's Exam Reports, including time passed and a report analysis that lets you know exactly which objectives you've missed or answered correctly.


Experience the interface and immerse yourself into the most effective computer based IT certification training suite available today! Get the training you need to effectively learn real-world concepts and skills, and quickly prepare for the certification exam. Perform hands-on labs in realistically simulated learning environments.

  • The most effective learning tool available
  • Over 95% of our students pass their exams
  • See & hear your trainer with video lessons
  • Easy to understand lessons with examples
  • Demonstrations, Animations, & Scenarios
  • Practice exams with answers to all questions
  • Simulates the look & feel of the actual exams
MCITP: Enterprise Administrator Training Suites
Titles (click on titles below for outlines) Outline Exam# Price
Configuring Windows (Win 7/10) Devices - New   70-697 $495
Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Click here 70-640 $495
Configuring Win. Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Click here 70-642 $495
Configuring Windows Server 2008 Applications Infra. Click here 70-643 $495
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator Click here 70-647 $495
MCSA: Windows Server 2008 Training Suite      
Titles (click on titles below for outlines) Outline Exam# Price
Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Click here 70-640 $495
Configuring Win. Server 2008 Network Infrastructure Click here 70-642 $495
Windows Server 2008 Server Administrator Click here 70-646 $495
Installing and Configuring Windows (Win 10) - New   70-698 $495
MCSA: Windows Server 2012 Training      
Titles (click on titles below for outlines) Outline Exam# Price
Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 Click here 70-410 $495
Managing and Administering Windows Server 2012 Click here 70-411 $495
Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services Click here 70-412 $495

Special! MCITP Enterprise Admin & MCSA Training

Online: Get your IT training at anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with 18 month online access.

Bundle Price: $1599.00

Return Policy When you purchase your subscription, you may evaluate the online courseware for up to a maximum of 2 hours for your risk free evaluation. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply contact us for a full refund.

Complete MCITP Training Series

Part#: tomcitpc | Contents: 18 months of Online Training (Includes MCITP and MCSA 2012)


Reg: $1895.00
Sale: $1599.00
*No tax except for Maryland (USA) residents.

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System Requirements: 2.2 GHz or higher (Processor), High-Speed Internet (3.6 MBPS or faster per computer), 3 GB RAM, Sound Card. Supported Browsers: Google Chrome 31+, Microsoft IE 10+, Microsoft Edge 20+, Firefox 42+, and Safari 8+. Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Mac OS: 10.8 or higher. IOS on iPad (Videos and Text only). [Special note: systems requirements for Microsoft Office 2013 students: 64-Bit Windows OS, Intel-based Mac OS. VM Virtual Machine: Graphics Acceleration Enabled]


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