GroupWise 7 Training

GroupWise 7 Training Videos on CD or DVD

Novell GroupWise 7 Training Course

Hosted by Bruce James
Approx. 12 hours training on CD or DVD
Includes 400+ page e-Book w/Printable Ready Reference Guide

Novell GroupWise allows organizations to collaborate and provides key services such as email, calendaring, task management, and instant messaging among many others.

Get the most from your collaboration software investment with this Novell GroupWise 7 training. A clear understanding and proper use of GroupWise functions has clear, measurable results both in productivity and employee satisfaction. This GroupWise training instructs users on using all aspects of the software, from e-mail to calendering to file sharing.

Novell GroupWise 7 Training Series

w/Complete 400+ page eBook and printable Ready Reference Guides

Part#: mk-gwi7 | Contents: Set of 8 CD-ROMs or via 1 Year Online


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CD-ROM based trainingMultimedia CD-ROM & DVD Based Training:
With CD & DVD based training, the lectures were video taped and then digitized and are presented to you in Full Motion Video, Audio, & Graphics. DVD-ROMs will run only on a computer DVD Drive and will not run on a TV DVD Player. DVD-Video will run on both a computer DVD Drive and a TV DVD Player.

System Requirements: 400 MHz Processor (minimum), CD-ROM Drive (for CDs), DVD Drive (for DVD-ROMs & DVD-Videos) or TV DVD Player (for DVD-Videos), 64 MB RAM, Sound Card. Available Hard Disk Space 200 MB. Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Apple Mac.

GroupWise 7 Trainer: Bruce James
Bruce James has worked in the computer industry since 1991 when he began his career working for Hewlett Packard on the HP LaserJet Printer team. Later Bruce moved to IBM where he worked in Software Development and Multi-media design. In 1996 Bruce left IBM to work as a software trainer and since that time has trained tens of thousands of individuals within both large and small organizations including Novell, Mercedes-Benz, the New York State Education Department, Sharp Electronics, Fuji Film, the United States Attorneys Office, the University of Florida, the University of Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and dozens of others. Bruce is also the author of several user manuals as well as several articles published in technology journals. In addition to training, Bruce has worked since 1999 as a corporate presenter for Novell, IBM, HP, Compaq, Oracle, and Lucent Technologies in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Course Outline - GroupWise 7 Training:

Includes 400+ page e-book w/printable ready reference guide

GroupWise 7 Level 1

1.0 Level 1 Introduction
1.1 Navigating in the Main Window 
1.2 Home View 
1.3 The Navigation Bar 
1.4 Using Keystroke Shortcuts 
1.5 Section Summary

2.0 Sending Messages

2.1 Sending a Mail Message 
2.2 Sending a Phone Message 
2.3 Adressing Messages 
2.4 Message Appearance 
2.5 Spell Check and Quick Correct 
2.6 Attaching Files to a Message 
2.7 Options, Tracking, and Security 
2.8 Work in Progress 
2.9 Working with Sent Items 
2.10 Viewing Message Properties 
2.11 Retracting or Deleting a Sent Item 
2.12 Resending a Message 
2.13 Section Summary

3.0 The Address Selector

3.1 Using the Address Selector 
3.2 Displaying the Names of Group Members 
3.3 Filtering the Address List 
3.4 Changing the Search Criteria 
3.5 Adding a New Contact 
3.6 Section Summary

GroupWise 7 Level 2

1.0 Working With Received Items
1.1 Mailbox Overview 
1.2 Using the QuickViewer 
1.3 Opening Messages 
1.4 Working with the Header Bar 
1.5 Reading Forwarded Messages 
1.6 Messenger Presence 
1.7 Replying to Messages 
1.8 Forwarding Messages 
1.9 Deleting Messages 
1.10 Working With Attachments 
1.11 Printing Messages or Attachments 
1.12 Saving Messages and Attachments 
1.13 Using QuickMenus with Received Items 
1.14 Section Summary

2.0 Customizing the Main Window

2.1 Customize the Navigation Bar 
2.2 Customize the Main Window Appearance 
2.3 Customize the Toolbar 
2.4 Customize the Home View 
2.5 Creating New Personal Views 
2.6 Section Summary

3.0 Organizing Messages

3.1 Creating Personal Folders 
3.2 Open, Expand and Collapse Folders 
3.3 Sorting Folders 
3.4 Moving or Linking Messages to a Folder 
3.5 Deleting Folders 
3.6 The Folders Dialog Box 
3.7 Categorizing a Message 
3.8 Categorizing an Outgoing Item 
3.9 Filter and Find Messages by Category 
3.10 Personalizing a Message 
3.11 Section Summary

GroupWise 7 Level 3

1.0 Working in the Calendar
1.1 Navigating the GroupWise Calendar 
1.2 Reading Calendar Messages 
1.3 Posting Personal Appointments 
1.4 Using Show Appointment As 
1.5 Posting Personal Tasks 
1.6 Posting Personal Notes 
1.7 Change the Duration of an Appointment 
1.8 Reschedule Appointments and Tasks 
1.9 Setting Alarms 
1.10 Multiple Calendars 
1.11 Printing Your Calendar 
1.12 Section Summary

2.0 Scheduling Appointments

2.1 Scheduling Group Appointments 
2.2 Using the Busy Search 
2.3 Recurring Appointments or Tasks 
2.4 Rescheduling Appointments 
2.5 Accept, Decline, or Delegate an Appt. 
2.6 Accept or Decline a Recurring Appt. 
2.7 Section Summary

3.0 Handling Tasks

3.1 Assigning Tasks 
3.2 Accept, Decline, and Delegate Tasks 
3.3 Completing a Task 
3.4 Section Summary 
4.0 Reminder Notes

GroupWise 7 Level 4

1.0 Shared Folders
1.1 Sharing an Existing Folder 
1.2 Creating a Shared Folder 
1.3 Modifying the Rights of a Shared Folder 
1.4 Deleting a Shared Folder 
1.5 Accepting a Folder Shared with You 
1.6 Creating a Discussion Thread 
1.7 Viewing Discussion Threads 
1.8 Replying to a Discussion Thread 
1.9 Section Summary

2.0 The Address Book

2.1 Address Book Overview 
2.2 The Contacts Folder 
2.3 Acting on Contacts 
2.4 Searching for Address Book Items 
2.5 Using Filters in the Address Book 
2.6 Creating a New Contact 
2.7 Contact Details 
2.8 Creating a New Resource 
2.9 Creating a New Organization 
2.10 Modifying the Frequent Contacts Book 
2.11 Creating Personal Address Books 
2.12 Deleting a Personal Address Book 
2.13 Creating Groups 
2.14 Modifying Groups 
2.15 Sharing Address Books 
2.16 Printing Address Books 
2.17 Importing and Exporting Contacts 
2.18 Name Completion Search 
2.19 Section Summary

3.0 The Contacts Folders

3.1 Modifying the Properties 
3.2 Acting on Contacts 
3.3 New Contact, Resource, Org. or Group 
3.4 Contact Management 
3.5 Categorizing a Contact 
3.6 Filtering the Contacts Folder 
3.7 Section Summary

GroupWise 7 Level 5

1.0 Routing Items
1.1 Sending a Routed Item 
1.2 Requiring Passwords to Mark Completed 
1.3 Completing a Routed Item 
1.4 Tracking the Status of a Routed Item 
1.5 Section Summary

2.0 Checklists

2.1 Checklists 
2.2 Moving items to the Checklist 
2.3 Creating a checklist in a Folder 
2.4 Section Summary

3.0 Filters

3.1 Quick Filter 
3.2 Creating a Basic Filter 
3.3 Creating an Advance Filter 
3.4 Saving, Deleting and Opening a Filter 
3.5 Section Summary

4.0 Finding Items

4.1 Using the Basic Find 
4.2 Using the Find by Example 
4.3 Creating a Find Results Folder 
4.4 Section Summary

5.0 Rules

5.1 Creating a Rule 
5.2 Editing a Rule 
5.3 Enabling and Disabling Rules 
5.4 Section Summary

6.0 Proxy

6.1 Establishing an Access List 
6.2 Protecting Personal Items 
6.3 Proxy Access and the Busy Search 
6.4 Accessing Another User’s Account 
6.5 Viewing Multiple User Calendars 
6.6 Section Summary

GroupWise 7 Level 6

1.0 Using GroupWise Notify
1.1 Starting Notify 
1.2 Defining GroupWise Notifications 
1.3 Responding to a Notification 
1.4 Using the Notification List 
1.5 Turning Notify Off 
1.6 Section Summary

2.0 GroupWise Options

2.1 General Options 
2.2 Enabling Automatic Spell Checking 
2.3 Setting the HTML and Plain Text Options 
2.4 Default Actions 
2.5 Enabling an Automatic Signature 
2.6 Appearance 
2.7 Changing Your Password 
2.8 Section Summary

3.0 Trash

3.1 Deleting a Message 
3.2 Undeleting a Message 
3.3 Emptying the Trash or Selected Items 
3.4 Emptying the Trash Automatically 
3.5 Section Summary

4.0 Groupwise Modes

4.1 Online 
4.2 Caching 
4.3 Remote 
4.4 Section Summary

5.0 Account Size Management

5.1 Working with Groupwise Backup 
5.2 Archiving Messages 
5.3 Viewing and Unarchiving Messages 
5.4 Mailbox Size Monitoring 
5.5 Section Summary

6.0 Junk Mail

6.1 Junk Mail Handling 
6.2 The Block, Junk, and Trust Lists 
6.3 Section Summary 

WebAccess Level 1

1.0 Getting Started
1.1 Logging Into GroupWise
1.2 Navigating in the Main Window
1.3 Section Summary
2.0 Sending Messages
2.1 Sending a Message
2.2 Addressing Messages
2.3 Using Spell Check
2.4 Attaching Files to a Message
2.5 Send Options
2.6 Work In Progress
2.7 Working With Sent Items
2.8 Section Summary
3.0 The Address Book
3.1 Address Book Overview
3.2 Searching for Address Book Items
3.3 Using Filters in the Address Book
3.4 Acting on Contacts
3.5 Creating a New Contact
3.6 Using and Creating Personal Address Books
3.7 Creating Groups
3.8 Modifying Groups
3.9 Sharing Address Books
3.10 Section Summary
4.0 Working With Received Items
4.1 Mail Overview and Opening Messages
4.2 Replying to Messages
4.3 Forwarding Messages
4.4 Deleting Messages
4.5 Working With Attachments
4.6 Printing Messages
4.7 Using QuickMenus with Received Items
4.8 Section Summary
5.0 Organizing Messages
5.1 Creating Personal Folders
5.2 Opening, Expanding, and Collapsing Folders
5.3 Moving Messages to a Folder
5.4 Sharing an Existing Folder
5.5 Modifying the Rights of a Shared Folder
5.6 Accepting a Folder Shared with You
5.7 Posting Items to a Shared Folder
5.8 Deleting Folders
5.9 Section Summary
6.0 Level 1 Conclusion

WebAccess Level 2

1.0 Working and Navigating ~in the Calendar
1.1 Navigating in the Calendar
1.2 Reading Calendar Messages
1.3 Posting Personal Appointments
1.4 Posting Personal Tasks
1.5 Posting Personal Notes
1.6 Section Summary
2.0 Scheduling Appointments
2.1 Scheduling Group Appointments
2.2 Using the Busy Search
2.3 Accepting, Declining, and Delegating Appointments
2.4 Section Summary
3.0 Handling Tasks
3.1 Assigning Tasks
3.2 Accepting, Declining, and Delegating Tasks
3.3 Completing a Task
3.4 Section Summary
4.0 Reminder Notes
4.1 Reminder Notes
5.0 Checklists
5.1 Working With and Creating Checklists
6.0 Finding Items
6.1 Using Find
6.2 Using the Search Tool
6.3 Section Summary
7.0 Rules
7.1 Creating a Rule
7.2 Editing a Rule
7.3 Enabling and Disabling Rules
7.4 Section Summary
8.0 Proxy
8.1 Establishing an Access List
8.2 Accessing Another User’s Account
8.3 Section Summary
9.0 GroupWise Options
9.1 General
10.0 Deleting a Message
10.1 Undeleting a Message
10.2 Emptying Selected Items or Emptying the Trash
10.3 Section Summary
11.0 Course Conclusion

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  • Contents: Set of 8 CD-ROMs or via 1 Year Online
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