Microsoft Excel 2013 Training

Training for Computer & Excel Skills

Working in a corporate environment requires skills that distinguish one as a professional. Computer basics, Windows Operating System, File Management, and Microsoft Office applications are required skillsets in many offices. It includes 13.35 hours of video tutorials, interactive hands-on Lab exercises, and tests to impart the needed skills for Excel 2013 and greater proficiency working with Microsoft Windows PC.

This online course provides video lectures, actual hands-on lab exercises within a simulated Windows PC and Excel 2013 environment to gain the practical skills of an experienced corporate office worker using Microsoft Excel 2013. No need to buy or install Excel 2013 on your computer to build your skills because of the Excel 2013 hands-on simulators.

Training is also available for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2016 Exam.

Computer Based Training with Interactive Hands-on Labs

This is an integrated training product that includes videos lectures, video demonstration, hands-on labs, notes, and exam software. The student can rewind and fast forward so as to review concepts as many times as you like, allowing you to learn and retain much more information.

The hands-on labs are the heart and soul of this training. You will build real-world job skills, validate acquired knowledge, and gain experience.

A Comprehensive Training Package:

This course provides a comprehensive learning experience for the student. Visual learners can see the application in use as the lecturer shows step-by-step examples on how to perform various tasks in Excel 2013.

There are two types of learning approaches, knowledge and skills. This training combines both methodologies to more effectively train the student. Watching video lectures provides knowledge based content to the learner, but performing frequent tasks imparts skills. Combining both approach and incorporating real-world scenarios to the practical hands-on labs is what we call experienced based learning.

This training program enables the student to gain workforce skills by providing Challenge labs which enables the student to practice the basic procedural skills required in performing tasks in Excel. Thereafter, the student is presented with a text lesson to review key terminologies that they are required to know (or understand) in order to use key features of the software. The text lessons also provide tips for using application features in the real-world.

Finally, the Applied Labs in each section give students real world scenarios where they can apply the procedural skills they learned in the drill and practice labs. See the course outline below for topics that use the various methodologies.

Practice Exams

These practice exams will measure and validate your skills, knowledge, and experience. They let you:

  • Measure your knowledge and experience
  • Identify areas that you need to improve with links to course content
  • Get detailed feedback for each question
  • View robust score reports



Prerequisite: None

No prior experience with Windows is required to take this online course. If you need additional help on using the keyboard or mouse, please contact us for further assistance at no additional cost to you. Take any of the training in the order you desire.

Online Enrollment:

Once your payment is processed, you will be sent an online activation code within 3 business days via email to create your online account (login and password). You must have access to the Internet. Access the online course at any time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Take any class whenever you want as you will have online access to your account for 12 months.
  • Learn at your own pace and review the lessons as often as you need.
  • A course may be completed in as little as one to two week if your study about 1 hour per day. But with the interactive hands-on labs, you may want to extend your practice time to gain mastery. And if you do not know how to perform a lab, step-by-step solutions are included so that you do not get stuck!
  • Work with confidence knowing that our industry-leading, interactive hands-on computer-based courses are used by Schools and Universities around the nation to give their students both video based training and hands-on labs experience, providing them with real-world corporate job skills. So as you study from home or the office, feel confident that you are using the best interactive training tool available.

Return Policy:

Once you have created your online account, you may evaluate any part of the course for up to 90 minutes for your risk free evaluation. The system will automatically record the duration of your usage. If you are not completely satisfied with the training, please log out of the system and contact us for a full refund. We thank you for considering EDULEARN.

Computer and Excel 2013 Training Time Estimate

Time is an estimate for completing the videos, text, and labs for a student with some prior knowledge in using Microsoft Office.  Students with little to no experience may need additional time in completing labs.











1.0 Computing Basics





1.1 Computer Hardware




1.2 The Windows Operating System



1.3 File Management




1.4 Networking and System Updates



1.5 Online Safety and Security




1.6 Microsoft Office Application Features









2.0 Microsoft Excel 2013





2.1 Introduction to Excel




2.2 Creating and Managing Workbooks



2.3 Organizing and Entering Data




2.4 Changing Properties & Printing Worksheets



2.5 Formatting Cells




2.6 Entering Simple Formulas



2.7 Using Advanced Functions




2.8 Analyzing Data in Charts



2.9 Analyzing Data in Tables




Scroll down to see a more detailed course outline below!

Total Time                                                                                                       13.35 Hours


Microsoft Excel 2013 Training

Bonus: Computer Basics

Part#: to-exc13 | Contents: 12 Months of Online Training


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System Requirements: 2.2 GHz or higher (Processor), High-Speed Internet (3.6 MBPS or faster per computer), 3 GB RAM, Sound Card. Supported Browsers: Google Chrome 31+, Microsoft IE 10+, Microsoft Edge 20+, Firefox 42+, and Safari 8+. Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Mac OS: 10.8 or higher. IOS on iPad (Videos and Text only). [Special note: systems requirements for Microsoft Office 2013 students: 64-Bit Windows OS, Intel-based Mac OS. VM Virtual Machine: Graphics Acceleration Enabled]


Computer Basics and Excel 2013 Essentials Content Outline

  1. Computer Basics
    1. Computer Hardware
      1. Video: Desktop and Mobile Devices
      2. Text: Desktop vs. Mobile Devices
      3. Video: PC Hardware Components
      4. Text: PC Hardware Facts
      5. Video: PC Ports and Connectors
      6. Text: PC Port and Connector Facts
      7. Video: Peripheral Devices
      8. Text: Peripheral Device Facts
      9. Video: Printers
      10. Text: Printer Facts
      11. Demo: Using the Hardware Simulator
      12. Lab: Explore the Lab Interface
      13. Lab: Set Up a Computer
      14. Lab: Connect Devices
      15. Lab: Install USB Devices
      16. Lab: Choose a Printer
    2. The Windows Operating System
      1. Video: Operating System Functions
      2. Text: Common Operating Systems
      3. Video: The Windows 7 Operating System
      4. Text: Windows 7 Components
      5. Video: Desktop Applications
      6. Text: Desktop Application Facts
      7. Video: The Windows Control Panel
      8. Text: Windows 7 Control Panel Facts
      9. Lab: Use the Window 7 User Interface
      10. Lab: Change Display Settings
      11. Lab: Run Desktop Applications
    3. File Management
      1. Video: Storage Devices
      2. Text: File Storage Options
      3. Video: Windows File Management
      4. Text: Windows File Management Facts
      5. Video: Shared Storage
      6. Text: Shared Storage Facts
      7. Video: Cloud Storage
      8. Text: Windows Cloud Storage Facts
      9. Lab: Copy and Move Files and Folders
      10. Lab: Insert a USB Thumb Drive and Copy Files
      11. Lab: Use OneDrive Storage
    4. Networking and Security
      1. Video: Wired and Wireless Networks
      2. Text: Networking Facts
      3. Video: Windows User Accounts
      4. Text: Windows User Account Facts
      5. Video: Windows Update
      6. Text: Windows Update Facts
      7. Video: Computer Security Risks
      8. Video: Windows Security
      9. Text: Windows 7 Security Facts
      10. Lab: Create a User
      11. Lab: Connect to a Wireless Network
      12. Lab: Configure Windows Update
      13. Lab: Configure Windows Firewall
    5. Online Safety and Security
      1. Video: Web Browsers and Email
      2. Text: Rules of Netiquette
      3. Video: Internet Safety and Security
      4. Text: Internet Safety Facts
      5. Text: Computer Ethics
      6. Lab: Configure Privacy Settings in IE
      7. Lab: Clear the Browser Cache
      8. Lab: Respond to Social Engineering
      9. Lab: Configure the IE Popup Blocker
    6. Microsoft Office Application Features
      1. Video: Office Application Features: The Ribbon
      2. Video: Office Application Features: Beyond the Ribbon
      3. Text: Microsoft Office Application Components
      4. Text: Desktop vs. Web Applications
      5. Video: Windows Printing Features
      6. Text: Windows Printing Facts
      7. Lab: Install and Configure a Local Printer
      8. Lab: Connect to a Network Printer
      9. Lab: Configure the Default Printer
      10. Lab: Open and Print a Document in Word
    7. End-of-Module Exam (Hands-on Labs)
  2. Microsoft Excel 2013
    1. Introduction to Excel
      1. Video: Introduction to Excel
      2. Text: Excel Tasks Overview
    2. Creating and Managing Workbooks
      1. Video: Worksheet Management
      2. Video: External Data
      3. Text: Workbook Management Facts
      4. Skills Lab: Create and Manage Workbooks
      5. Challenge Lab: Create and Manage Workbooks
      6. Text: Workbook Management Tips
      7. Applied Lab: Organize Budget Worksheets
      8. Applied Lab: Import & Organize Research Data
    3. Organizing and Entering Data
      1. Video: Copy and Paste Options
      2. Video: Large Data Sets
      3. Text: Data Entry Facts
      4. Skills Lab: Organize and Enter Data
      5. Challenge Lab: Organize and Enter Data
      6. Text: Data Entry Tips
      7. Applied Lab: Enter Survey Results Data
      8. Applied Lab: Organize Sales Data
    4. Changing Properties and Printing Worksheets
      1. Video: Data Protection
      2. Video: Excel Printing Tips
      3. Text: Worksheet Printing Facts
      4. Skills Lab: Change Properties and Print Worksheets
      5. Challenge Lab: Change Properties and Print Worksheets
      6. Text: Worksheet Printing Tips
      7. Applied Lab: Prepare and Print Sales Data
      8. Applied Lab: Protect a Budget Worksheet
    5. Formatting Cells
      1. Video: Number Formats
      2. Video: Cell Formats
      3. Video: Cell Styles and Colors
      4. Video: Cell Borders
      5. Text: Cell Formatting Facts
      6. Skills Lab: Format Cells
      7. Challenge Lab: Format Cells
      8. Text: Cell Formatting Tips
      9. Applied Lab: Camping Equipment Store
      10. Applied Lab: Format a Directory
    6. Entering Simple Formulas
      1. Video: AutoFill Options
      2. Video: Excel Formulas
      3. Text: Formula Facts
      4. Skills Lab: Enter Simple Formulas
      5. Challenge Lab: Enter Simple Formulas
      6. Text: Formula Tips
      7. Applied Lab: Cheese Shop
      8. Applied Lab: Gradebook
    7. Using Advanced Functions
      1. Video: Relative and Absolute References
      2. Video: The IF Function
      3. Video: Logical Functions
      4. Video: Excel Error Messages
      5. Text: Advanced Function Facts
      6. Skills Lab: Use Advanced Functions
      7. Challenge Lab: Use Advanced Functions
      8. Text: Advanced Function Tips
      9. Applied Lab: County Fair
      10. Applied Lab: Toy Company
    8. Analyzing Data in Charts
      1. Video: Chart Formatting
      2. Video: Chart Types
      3. Text: Chart Facts
      4. Skills Lab: Analyze Data in Charts
      5. Challenge Lab: Analyze Data in Charts
      6. Text: Chart Tips
      7. Applied Lab: Stock Portfolio
      8. Applied Lab: Election Results
    9. Analyzing Data in Tables
      1. Video: Conditional Formatting
      2. Video: Excel Tables
      3. Video: Table Customization
      4. Text: Excel Table Facts
      5. Skills Lab: Analyzing Data in Tables
      6. Challenge Lab: Analyzing Data in Tables
      7. Text: Excel Table Tips
      8. Applied Lab: Pizza Chain
      9. Applied Lab: Baseball Statistics
    10. End-of-Module Exam (Hands-on Labs)
Hands-on, Multimedia, and Self-paced Training
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Reg. price: $395.00
Sale price: $295.00


Product Details
  • Part#: to-exc13
  • Contents: 12 Months of Online Training
  • Online Training: Order now, start your training in 1 business day
Payment Options
  • Order securely online or call 1-888-797-4040 (301-589-3349)
  • All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover)
  • PayPal: Pay online quickly with your PayPal account
  • Company PO's accepted (Net 30); Call for multi-user license
  • *No tax except for Maryland (USA) residents.
System Requirements
  • 1.6 GHz Processor (minimum)
  • High-Speed Internet Connection
  • 512 MB RAM
  • Sound Card
  • Available Hard Disk Space 200 MB
  • 1024x768 Screen Resolution & 32 bit true color display required
  • Windows Media Player 10.0 or later
  • Internet Explorer 7 or later
  • Microsoft Silverlight 4 or 5
  • Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8
  • Mac OS X or higher is also supported (please call for details)
  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows 95, 98 SE, ME, NT, or 2000.

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