Excel 2002 XP Training

Excel 2002 XP Training Videos on CD

Excel 2002 XP Training Course

Hosted by Dennis P. Taylor
Approx. 6 hours of Excel training on CD

After completing this Excel XP training course, you will be prepared to acquire your MOUS certification and to maximize your data use. Topics include formulas, formatting, worksheet layout, auditing, tracing, nesting functions and using logical operators. At the conclusion of this detailed, step-by-step, easy to understand Excel XP training course, you you would have mastered the skills you need to be a proficient user of Microsoft’s Excel XP spreadsheet accounting software.

Our Excel XP training CD-ROMs include a pretest to assess
your current skill level and a posttest to test your newly
acquired knowledge.

Excel 2002 XP Training Series

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CD-ROM based trainingMultimedia CD-ROM Based Training:
With CD based training, the lectures were video taped and then digitized and presented to you in Full Motion Video, Audio, & Graphics.

System Requirements: 400 MHz Processor (minimum), CD-ROM Drive, 64 MB RAM, Sound Card. Available Hard Disk Space 200 MB. Windows 98, NT, ME, 2000, or Windows XP.
NOT COMPATIBLE with Windows XP 64-Bit Edition, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.

TrainerExcel 2002 XP Trainer: Dennis P. Taylor
Dennis has spent over 14 years presenting PC software training to individuals in classrooms and seminars, including employees at Amoco, IBM, and many other companies. He specializes in spreadsheet software and has co-authored several books for spreadsheets. Five years ago he turned his attention to Excel spreadsheets and has become an Excel training specialist. Dennis brings a combination of in-depth knowledge and training experience to this course. Watch and learn in minutes with Dennis.

Course Outline - Excel 2002 XP Training:

Approx. 6 hrs. of training


1.0 The Excel Screen
1.1 Overview
1.2 Screen Elements
2.0 Entering Data
2.1 Data Entry Techniques
2.2 AutoFill Entry Techniques
2.3 Erasing Data
2.4 AutoComplete
2.5 Undo & Re-do
3.0 Entering Formulas
3.1 Three Methods of Entering Formulas
3.2 Repeating a Formula in Adjacent Cells
3.3 Formulas Beyond Addition & Subtraction
4.0 Basic Excel Functions
4.1 Summation
4.2 Recalculating Effects & Hierarchy of Operations
4.3 Other Functions
5.0 Formatting
5.1 The Formatting Toolbar
5.2 Adjusting Widths & Row Heights
5.3 Numeric Formatting
6.0 Saving, Opening & Closing Files
6.1 File Save & File Save As
6.2 Opening a File
6.3 Creating a New Workbook
7.0 The Help System
7.1 Using the Help System


1.0 Changing Worksheet Layout
1.1 Inserting Columns, Rows, & Cells
1.2 Deleting Columns, Rows, & Cells
1.3 Moving Cells
1.4 Copying Cells
2.0 Additional Formatting
2.1 Formatting Cell Attributes & Alignment
2.2 Borders
2.3 Numeric Formatting
2.4 Centering Text Across Columns
2.5 Hiding & Unhiding Columns & Rows
3.0 Printing
3.1 Using Print Preview & Page Setup
3.2 Printing Controls
3.3 Using Page Break & Preview
4.0 Using Cell References
4.1 Absolute References
4.2 Mixed References
5.0 The Tools Options Command
5.1 Show/Hide Gridlines & Formulas
5.2 Recently Used File List
5.3 Sheets in New Workbook
5.4 Default Settings


1.0 Adjusting Worksheet Views
1.1 Freeze/Unfreeze Panes
1.2 Horizontal & Vertical Split Screens
2.0 Auditing Techniques
2.1 Using the Formula Auditing Toolbar
2.2 Tracing Dependent Cells
2.3 Tracing Precedent Cells
3.0 The IF & VLOOKUP Functions
3.1 The IF Functions & Relational Operators
3.2 Using Words in IF Functions
3.3 Using Logical Operators
3.4 Nested IF Functions
3.5 Getting Data from the Table with a VLOOKUP Function
4.0 Date & Time Functions
4.1 Using Dates as Values
4.2 Entering a Series of Dates
4.3 Date/Time Entry Techniques
5.0 Multi-Sheet Workbooks
5.1 Renaming & Reordering Sheets
5.2 Inserting & Deleting Sheets
5.3 Moving, Copying, & Grouping Sheets
5.4 Formulas Across Multiple Sheets

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Reg. price: $149.00
Sale price: $49.00


Product Details
  • Part#: sk-excxp
  • Contents: Set of 3 CDs
  • Economy Shipping: Allow 4-7 business days for delivery*
Payment Options
  • Order securely online or call 1-888-797-4040 (301-589-3349)
  • All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover)
  • PayPal: Pay online quickly with your PayPal account
  • Company PO's accepted (Net 30); Call for multi-user license
  • *No tax except for Maryland (USA) residents.

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