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Take your web design projects to the next level by utilizing the powerful design and layout capabilities of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). In this CSS training series you will discover how to create engaging visual designs by applying CSS styles to HTML documents. Learn how to use CSS to create navigation bars, format text, set background images, use the float property, and much more. By the conclusion of this course you would have gained the knowledge and skill needed to unlock the power of the CSS style sheet language.

Note: This course provides a brief introduction to HTML. If you are not already comfortable using HTML, we strongly recommend that you go through our HTML Training Series...

CSS Training Series

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Part#: mk-css | Contents: Set of 6 CD-ROMs or via 2 Yr Online


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CSS Trainer: Rob Tracy
Robb H. Tracy has been immersed in the Information Technology industry since 1994. Robb has spent his entire career managing computer networks, building web sites, and teaching others how to do the same. Robb began his career by attending Utah State University where he earned a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology. Since graduation, Robb has worked for a variety computer hardware and software vendors building courseware and designing certification programs; including Novell's Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) certification. In 2000, Robb served on CompTIA's Network+ Advisory Committee where he helped define the objectives that comprise the CompTIA Network+ certification. In 2002, Robb co-founded Nebo Technical Institute, Inc.; an Information Technology training development company. When he's not working madly to meet the next deadline, Robb can be found floating on a high-mountain lake with a fishing pole in hand.

Course Outline - CSS Training:

Level 1: An Introduction to XHTML and Cascading Style Sheets

1.0 XHTML Basics
1.1 HTML and XML
2.0 An Introduction to CSS
2.1 How CSS Works
Creating Styles
Inheriting Styles
Applying Styles
Linked Style Sheets
Embedded Styles
In-Line Styles
Imported Style Sheets
2.2 Cascading
2.3 Grouping Style Rules
3.0 Summary

Level 2: Configuring Background and Text Properties with CSS

1.0 Configuring Font Properties with CSS
1.1 Using the font-family Property with CSS
1.2 Using the font-size Property with CSS
1.3 Using the font-style Property with CSS
1.4 Using the font-weight Property with CSS
1.5 Using the font-variant Property with CSS
1.6 Using the font size-adjust Property with CSS
1.7 Using the font-stretch Property with CSS
2.0 Configuring Background Properties with CSS
2.1 Using the background-color Property with CSS
2.2 Using the background-image Property with CSS
2.3 Using the background-repeat Property with CSS
2.4 Using the background-attachment Property with CSS
2.5 Using the background-position Property with CSS
3.0 3D Configuring Text Appearance with CSS
3.1 Using the color Property with CSS
3.2 Using the text-align Property with CSS
3.3 Using the text-indent Property with CSS
3.4 Using the text-decoration Property with CSS
3.5 Using the text-transform Property with CSS
3.6 Using the line-height Property with CSS
3.7 Manipulating Text Spacing with CSS
3.7.1 Using the word-spacing Property with CSS
3.7.2 Using the letter-spacing Property
3.8 Using the white-space Property with CSS
4.0 Summary

Level 3: Working with the CSS Box Model and Advanced Selectors

1.0 An Introduction to the CSS Box Model
2.0 Setting Margins with CSS Properties
3.0 Configuring Borders with CSS
3.1 Setting the Border Width with CSS Properties
3.2 Setting the Border Style with CSS Properties
3.3 Setting the Border Color with CSS Properties
4.0 Configuring The Pad with CSS
5.0 Using Advanced CSS Selectors in CSS Rules
5.1 Using the <div> and <span> Elements
5.2 Creating Class Selectors
5.3 Using ID Selectors
5.4 Using Attribute Selectors
5.5 Using Descendant Selectors
5.6 Using Pseudo Selectors
5.6.1 Using Pseudo-Class Selectors
5.6.2 Using Pseudo-Class Selectors to Create CSS Rules for the Anchor Element Configuring Link States with CSS Configuring Multiple Link State Styles with CSS
5.6.3 Using Pseudo-Element Selectors

Level 4: Configuring Anchor and List Element Properties with CSS

1.0 Using Specificity to Determine Cascading Rules
2.0 Configuring Cursors with CSS
2.1 Using System Cursors
2.2 Using Custom Cursors
3.0 Applying CSS Styles to HTML Lists
3.1 Using the list-style-type Property with CSS
3.1.1 Using list-style-type with Unordered Lists
3.1.2 Using list-style-type with Ordered Lists
3.2 Using the list-style-image Property with CSS
3.3 Using the list-style-position Property with CSS
4.0 Using Unordered Lists to Create Navigation Bars & Columns
4.1 Using Unordered Lists to Create Navigation Columns
4.2 Using Unordered Lists to Create Navigation Bars
5.0 Styling Tables with CSS Rules
5.1 HTML Table Review
5.1.1 Basic Table Elements
5.1.2 Adding Table Headers
5.1.3 Using Table Captions
5.2 Styling Tables with CSS
5.2.1 Create Rules for the <table> Element
5.2.2 Create Rules for the <caption> Element
5.2.3 Create Rules for the Table Cells
6.0 Summary

Level 5: Working with CSS Positioning and Float Properties

1.0 Positioning Elements with CSS
1.1 What is Positioning?
1.2 Creating Containers
1.3 CSS Positioning Types
1.3.1 Using Absolute Positioning
1.3.2 Relative Positioning
1.3.3 Fixed Positioning
1.4 Using the z-index Property
2.0 Floating HTML Elements with CSS
2.1 Using the float Property
2.2 Using the clear Property
3.0 Summary

Level 6: Using CSS and HTML Tables and Creating Web Page Layouts

1.0 Using CSS to Create Two-Column Document Layouts
1.1 Creating a Simple Two-Column Layout
1.2 Creating a Two-Column Layout with a Masthead
2.0 Creating a Three-Column Layout with a Masthead with CSS
3.0 Summary

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Reg. price: $479.00
Sale price: $459.00


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  • Part#: mk-css
  • Contents: Set of 6 CD-ROMs or via 2 Yr Online
  • Economy Shipping: Allow 4-7 business days for delivery*
Payment Options
  • Order securely online or call 1-888-797-4040 (301-589-3349)
  • All major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover)
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  • *No tax except for Maryland (USA) residents.

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