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The Complete Excel 2010 Training Course

The fastest, easiest way to visually learn Excel 2010 and use
its rich features from beginner to advanced!

Learn how spreadsheets work | How to use Excel | And more

The hands-on, interactive, online training guide to using Excel


In this Excel 2010 training, you will quickly learn the basics of Excel in a step-by-step, easy to understand way, and then move into more intermediate and advanced level topics. This training is for anyone who is new to Excel or has some experience, but wants to gain a fundamental and advanced understanding of spreadsheets, menu commands, simple and complex formulas and functions, managing workbooks and worksheets, adding graphics to worksheets, and much more (please call for multi-user license).

Excel MOS Exam 77-882

This Excel Training is ideal for anyone who wants to learn Excel and also for those who want to take their knowledge of Excel to the next level by preparing for the Excel MOS 77-882 exam and earn the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification. The Excel MOS certification is a valuable tool to distinguish you as a professional in Excel, and create a recognition of your knowledge, proficiency, and expertise in the workplace.

Please Note: This is an online training product. For CD or DVD training, click here.

Computer Class

Features & Benefits

  • Bring the classroom to your home or office
    This online video training course provides a classroom learning experience on a computer. Students can play, pause, or rewind the lessons.
  • Lessons are easy and fun to learn
    The lessons are designed to be easily understood. Animations and graphics keep the student’s interest.
  • Multimedia video training
    The lectures were recorded and presented in Full Motion Video, Audio, Graphics, & Animations.
  • Hands-on simulations and exams
    Simulations teach students through hands-on exercises. Interactive pre and post exam questions.
Multimedia online computer class

Complete Excel 2010 Training Series

Over 27 Hours of interactive video training

Session I Becoming Familiar with Excel 4 Hrs outline
Session II Performing Basic Workbook Tasks 3 Hrs outline
Session III Formulas and Functions 4 Hrs outline
Session IV Modyfying Workbooks/Worksheets 3 Hrs outline
Session V Formatting Worksheets 3 Hrs outline
Session VI Viewing and Printing 2 Hrs outline
Session VII Working with Graphics 3 Hrs outline
Session VIII Charting, Sorting, Filtering Data 2 Hrs outline
Session IX Reviewing and Sharing Data 4 Hrs outline

Bonus: Computer Fundamentals Training Series

Over 8 Hours of video training

Session I PC Hardware 3 Hrs 4 Mins outline
Session II Keyboarding 1 Hr 14 Mins outline
Session III Windows Basics (for XP, Vista, 7) 3 Hrs 10 Mins outline
Session IV Internet, Email, & Security 1 Hr 32 Mins outline

Multimedia Hands-on Labs and Exams

The Excel 2010 software is not required to use this training. This training includes built-in hands-on lab simulations for the student to perform real-world tasks in a simulated Excel 2010 environment during the lectures. Also included are pre-test questions to help assess the student's skill level. Throughout the training, the student is engaged with testing simulations including multiple choice, true and false, fill-in-the-blank questions, and multiple step software-based question simulations.

Hands-on, Multimedia, and Self-paced Training
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Lesson highlights
Learning the Excel Environment
Moving Around a Workbook
Working More Efficiently
Selecting Cells, Rows, and Columns
Entering Labels and Values
Editing and Clearing Cell Contents
Working with Formulas
Naming Cell Ranges
Performing Calculations
Audits and Circular References
Array Formulas and Nested Functions
Formatting Numbers and Text
Applying Cell Styles
Setting Up Pages for Printing
Inserting Pictures and Screenshots
Drawing and Modifying Shapes
And much more...