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Terms of Service (Mar-2-2018)

Terms of Service


The use of this tutoring service is restricted to those users for whom license is purchased. Use of this tutoring service may not be transferred from one individual to another.


It is the responsibility of those licensed to use this product to make certain that their account information including user name and password be kept secured from other parties. EDULEARN does not guarantee that it is able to prevent all forms of illegal attacks on its system. The user may for their protection use a different user name and password than is used on their other critical accounts.

Guarantee & Return Policy

You may cancel your subscription within 30 days for a full refund. Thereafter, if for any reason you wish to cancel your monthly subscription, you may do so by logging into your online account. Please cancel towards your next billing date as cancellation is immediate and you will no longer have access to the course.

1-Year Exam Pass Guarantee: You'll Pass Math with a grade of "B" or higher within 1 Year - or get 100% money-back!  Simply send (mail, email, or fax) a copy of your (or child's) last official school grade report no later than 14 months from your invoice date.


This tutoring service may be accessed only by the licensees. Only one user is permitted per account for the duration of the tutoring service. And so the contents may be viewed by a single individual only.

The tutoring service may not be used for group tutoring sessions or broadcast to a group. The training may not be downloaded, backed-up, copied, distributed, rented, sold, licensed, sub-licensed, put on the internet, or projected to person, persons, group, or groups. All rights are reserved.


User waives all rights for damages against EDULEARN or its partners, affiliates, suppliers, or clients providing this tutoring service through EDULEARN. User agrees that any refund or damages rewarded to them for the use of this tutoring service shall not exceed an amount equivalent to three month fees for the tutoring service provided to the user. User also agrees that EDULEARN may compensate the them for any service interruption with free tutoring subscription service for a period not to exceed three months. 


Under no circumstances shall EDULEARN, its partners, suppliers, affiliates, or clients be liable for any loss whether real or perceived that may arise from the use of its tutoring service. The student is fully responsible for their learning outcome from the use of this tutoring service.

Legal Challenge

EDULEARN claims and those made by its employees about its tutoring services are to the best of its understanding based upon its perceived expertise and is in no way construed to offer advice or to promise a particular learning outcome by its users. So the user agrees to take full responsibility for selecting EDULEARN tutoring service and for the subsequent learning outcome. The user also agrees that EDULEARN may make changes to its tutoring services whether by increasing or decreasing the frequency of its tutoring sessions or changing the duration of the sessions as it adapts its tutoring to better serve the perceived needs of its student or to align those needs with its capabilities.

Any legal actions against EDULEARN shall be by professional arbitration only in the State of Maryland. And damages shall be restricted to the monies paid for the licensed product during a period not to exceed one subscription month. EDULEARN shall not be responsible for any legal bill incurred by any party in any legal action against EDULEARN. User agrees not to initiate, support, join, or participate in any class action suit against EDULEARN. User(s) waives all rights to a class action suit against EDULEARN. User(s) agrees that any clause that is not admissible by a court of law shall not invalidate other parts of these agreements. 

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